Narcissistic Photography

  • I am only taking clients on an appointment basis. Please see the contact me tab above to contact me to schedule an appointment. 
  • When setting your appointment please tell me how many photos you'd like and if they're single person, couples, group, model or vendor photos and the quantity you'd like me to do. Prices do vary depending on which package you'd like. 
  • I refuse to do morphs. I think they're creepy. 
  • Please expect at least 24-48 hours for your picture to be completed. I will message you a link to my flickr so you can view and approve it before it is uploaded to SL. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse my services to anyone. 
  • By consenting to have me do photography for you, you consent to me uploading photos to my flickr, facebook and any other social media site I use for promotions. 

Profile Pics:
        1 pic: 500 L
        5 pics: 1500 L
        10 pics: 5500 L
Couples Photos:
        1 pic: 1000 L
        5 pics: 3800 L
        10 pics: 10,000 L
Group Photos (3 people minimum):
        1 pic: 2000 L
        5 pics: 3000 L
        10 Photos: 4000 L
Wedding Photos: (Package includes a min. 10 Photos): 15,000 L
Vendor Photos: (5 photos) 3000 L

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