Sunday, March 11, 2012

First blog

Today I am wearing:
Shape: It's custom made and not sold in Second Life or on Marketplace
Skin: Al vulo! May Skin. 
Hair: Cinta from Magika
Eyes: AZ Magic Eyes
Eyeliner: Pink Acid Jet Black Eyeliner Smoke Eyes & Lashes Make-up
Outfit: ::LC:: Mily Black and White !
AO: Oracul-Maiden Lady AO
Collar: *BS* Sami CROSS Titanium Collar & Cuff set
Elf Ears: ::Gauged:: Elf Ears Emotions w/ the black expansion pack for the gauges.

Since I play bloodlines and am blood bonded I have my Thirst Hud and my blood bond ring on.
Some things I will always be wearing like my collar and elf ears as well as my bloodlines stuff. Everything I wear you can find on the Second Life market place except for my AO. You have to go to Kuso Kuso to get it, which is the Oracul AO store. My shape is something I'll never change either. My skin you have to buy from Al vulo! I'll post the slurl in a later blog.

If you don't know what an AO is it's an animation override.

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