Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sexy Gangsta

Skin: al vulo! may* natural cleavage Hb Bronze
Shape: was custum made....
Outfit:  :.Envious.: Crash
Eyes: Az Magic Ice
Shoes: Bax Prestige Boots Black leather
Hair: Magika// Cinta // B&W Pack
Elf Ears: :Guaged: Elven Stretched Ears [Emotions]
Collar: *BS* Sami CROSS Titanium Collar & Cuff Set
Make up: Pink Acid Jet Black Eyeliner Smoke Eyes & Lashes   
                Make-Up 4 Pack
AO: Oracul-Maiden Lady AO

** I wasn't wearing the shoes that came in the envious outfit so I I wore my Bax Boots. Of course my Collar isn't showing because it would throw off the fung shui of the outfit.

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