Friday, June 1, 2012

Mesh o.o

Mesh..... I recently switched to a viewer that enables mesh on low graphics. I have to use low grapics to not lag and be able to enjoy SL. I love how it moves with my body and looks adorable.... Luckily I haven't run into stores that sell cruddy looking mesh. AlterEgo so far is my favorite place to get mesh dresses... I don't want to get out of them, I love the colors and how vibrant they look especially in mesh. Wasabi Pills is my favorite place to get mesh hair. The hair is scripted but luckily not heavily... there aren't any resize scripts. Mesh shoes I'm not really getting into... I have one pair of mesh boots that I like but it's hard finding outfits that they'll go with. I love mesh and wish that more people would get into it. I mean it's a great way to cut down on scripts or a nice way to try something new. I recommend Mesh and hope more people get into it. Sorry for the blog that's not like my normal ones but I just wanted to say I love mesh and share some of the benefits I found from it.
Hair and Dress are Mesh... Hair is Wasabi Pills and Dress is from AlterEg

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