Monday, July 16, 2012

Combat Ready Punks

I have had great ideas for outfits overflowing from my head for what feels like a good couple weeks now. Today I hung out with some friends and we were playing around with some boxing gloves. That got me thinking about being ready for any combat situation or at least ones with zombies.... I know! Zombies have also been going through my  mind a lot lately and this outfit is no exception.

When I got this outfit originally I thought the picture in the ad looked cool, it had camoflauge pants, low cut top and some pretty awesome boots. The outfit was pretty fairly priced at 99 L so when I bought it and opened it boy I was in for a treat... This dress was included. I didn't care too much for the boots but after finding these cute mesh ones from .:EC:. it was a perfect match. This outfit did come with some make ups and lashes... I don't really care for eyeliner that goes up to my eyebrows really so I substituted my DAMNED CatEyes eyeliner and tada perfection. I did add the lashes though... can't go too wrong with those right? Now I'm ready to combat anything..... even my first post as a syndicated blogger! \o/

What I'm Wearing:
Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] - [ May ] - [ Natural Bronze ]
Shape: Euphoria  (Not Sold but will be given upon request)
Eyes: Az... Sky Blue
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Teeloh Mesh Hair- Blacks Pack
Dress: Crickets- Bindi (*FULL OUTFIT*)
Shoes: .:EC:. ABL Army Boots [Basic]
    Ring: EarthStones I Do Bridal Set - Platinum (Ring Box)
    Make Up:  -DAMNED- CatEyes MakeUp
    Tattoo: !::Wicked Tattoos::i - Infinity TINT
    Elf Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears [Stars]

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