Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Near Mint Condition

As you drag your fingers down the soft flesh of my belly while gently tugging upwards wanting, yearning for more. In near mint condition as the ribbon is strung through the last piercing on my back and is tied in a neat bow on my back pulling slightly.

( R E D ) M I N T blew me away with the clothes and shoes and OMG a new place for hair. This hair is from the hair fair which ends today. If you haven't been there go before it's too late and pick up the hair from ( R E D ) M I N T... It's Mesh and we all know I'm a freak for the mesh hair. There's so many styles like this one and it comes in so many colors and color options it's insane. Every prim on my outfit comes with a resizer script in it. There is NO excuse not to get something from ( R E D ) M I N T if you like it because more then likely you'll be able to fit it to your avatar's shape. 

What I'm Wearing: 

Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] - [ Lalli ] - [ black sunkissed ]
Shape: Euphoria by Liz
Eyes: Az... Sky Blue
Hair: (r) M ~ meshHair No.02 (b l o n d s /w L o c k s)
Top: (r) M ~ LaceTop Lifted (I&II) (No. 08)
Skirt: (r) M ~ DrawUp Skirt (No.05)
Shoes: (r) M ~ Shoe Repair "Punk Boot"
    Ring: EarthStones I Do Bridal Set - Platinum (Ring Box)
    Make Up:  -DAMNED- CatEyes MakeUps
    Elf Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears [Stars]
    Corset: -DAMNED- Pierced Corset_Black,Grey,White [BXD]

   Poses: Diesel Works- WomenStuff Hunt Gifts

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